May Meeting - Friday 2nd May - Wine Bluffs

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May Meeting - Friday 2nd May - Wine Bluffs

Postby mitchaf » 03 Sep 2008, 15:34

Our wine bluffs evening has a panel and audience format. A panel of three volunteer members blind taste, along with the audience, six wines. For each wine, two of the panel falsely describe the wine and one correctly describes the wine. But can the audience guess who is telling the truth?

For this event we tasted

    Malbec, 2006, Argentina £6.99
    Shiraz Cabernet, Wakefield, Australia £6.99
    Chianti Falchini, Italy £6.99
    Soave Classico, Fillipi £8.99
    Pinot Blanc, Rolly Gassmann, France £9.99
    Viognier, Pays D'Oc, France £5.99

All wines supplied by Raeburn Fine Wines, Edinburgh

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