September Meeting - "Chairman's Choice"

In fine voice at the Society's Christmas Party!

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September Meeting - "Chairman's Choice"

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The tasting consisted of the following:

Champagne, Malingre-Truchon 2003 (N/A in UK) - Tepanade

Sauvignon Blanc, Yali, Chile ((£5.99) - Crayfish Tails in mayonnaise

Sauvignon blanc, Springfield Estate. S. Africa (£9.99)

Chardonnay. Springfield estate, S. Africa (£11.99)

C. Sauvignon/Carmenere, Yali, Chile (£5.99) - Chicken liver pate

C. Sauvignon, "Whole Berry" Springfield Estate, (£11.99)

Late Harvest Sauvignon blanc, Chile (£5.99, per 375ml) - Amaretti & Cantuccione

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